International Cooperation, Volunteers and Intercultural Effectiveness

Canadian voluntary sector organizations are important partners in Canada's international development programs. These organizations include volunteer cooperation agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academic and educational institutions, provincial and regional councils, membership and specialized training institutes, cooperatives, unions, and professional associations. These diverse groups all share one common ingredient: they leverage the skills and expertise of Canadian volunteers to improve the lives of those living in poverty around the world. These volunteers often live and work in remote areas alongside their local counterparts and act as Canada's "ambassadors" abroad.

Through the Canadian Partnership Branch's Voluntary Sector, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) supports the work of nearly 270 Canadian voluntary organizations on a cost-shared basis.

Aid Effectiveness and Intercultural Effectiveness
CIDA has renewed its commitment to promoting intercultural effectiveness as a means of strengthening aid effectiveness and in 2007, chose the Centre for Intercultural Learning as its partner is this endeavour. For more than 40 years, the Centre for Intercultural Learning has been helping individuals and organizations, including the volunteer sector, become more effective in an international and intercultural environment. Over these four decades, thousands of volunteers have benefited from the Centre's timely, innovative and relevant intercultural services. The shared objective is to strengthen the effectiveness, results, and sustainability of CIDA programs and projects. Under the current agreement with CIDA, the Centre's services can be accessed by any CIDA partner with direct funding. (A CIDA project or program number must be provided)

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