Sudan and Haiti Cultural Resources

Screen capture of Sudan and Haiti Cultural Resources.

Sudan and Haiti Cultural Resources

In 2007, the Centre for Intercultural Learning (CIL) developed a media-rich e-learning portal to promote learning and knowledge of Afghan culture. The resource was made available to numerous federal government departments, agencies and civil-society organizations as part of a whole of government initiative. The Afghanistan Cultural Resource has since supported thousands of users either as a standalone tool or in a blended learning environment. The resounding success of this effort led the Centre to develop two similar additional resources on Sudan and Haiti–countries where Canada has deep engagements and significant relations. Both Web portals include basic country information, historical timelines and other information to help Canadians be more effective when working with their Sudanese or Haitian counterparts.

The two tools have also been adapted to reflect each country's cultural, ethnic and religious distinctiveness. For example, the Sudan Cultural Resource includes a comprehensive section on the diverse ethnic and tribal groups found throughout the country. The Haiti Cultural Resource features a learning module on Voodoo and its place in Haitian society. The resources also include: video insights from subject matter experts and Canadians who have lived and worked in those countries; a language learning "toolkit"; quizzes and comprehensive resource sections.

The Sudan and Haiti Cultural Resources will be online December, 2009 and will be available to members of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. The websites may also be available to other government departments or agencies via cost-recovery agreements.

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