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Helping in Haiti

Véronique Doutreloux is a nurse clinician working in Canada's Far North. Five days after the earthquake in Haiti, this native of Chibougamau found herself in Port-au-Prince on her first mission as a Red Cross volunteer.

Doing Business in China the Streetsmart Way

John Chan was born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. His cultural and business background are a blend of East and West; urban and rural. According to John, being effective in China doesn't have to be as complicated as one would think.

Rolf Potts: More than Just a Vagabond

A globetrotting post-modern travel writer, Rolf Potts has been dubbed the "Jack Kerouac for the Internet Age."

Witnessing Beatrice: Life of an Internally Displaced Person in Northern Uganda

Lara Rosenoff documented Beatrice's story over a two-year period. During this process, she also came to understand her role as a Witness.